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Flash vs. search engine optimization

Adobe Flash is a popular method to develop the websites. Not only design agencies or photographers using it, but even reputable institutions such as banks, don’t want have only pure graphics and HTML sites. This is also OK, so long as you do not exaggerate and use flash in the places where it is needed. A purely Flash-based site will disapoint you if you try to optimize it for the search engines. The reason is the most of search engines were developed under the assumption that the target page is written in HTML. Major search engines such as Google are already able to extract text and links from a flash file, but because the text in flash does not have the structure, the search engine can not see whether it is a title, a quote or another part of the document. This means that the search engine is not able, to determinate the importance of the text section and to sort the results by relevance. In HTML, on the other hand you can use H1-tag to label the heading and the other text sections in conjunction with the appropriate tags. This problem with assessing the importance of the results is a reason why the search results from a flash site, almost never shown by the search engine. Only if you explicitly search in Google for flash files, you get the right results.

What must be done to minimize the problem?
The fact is that we can no longer simply renounce the flash. We must therefore find a way to satisfy both the visitors, as well as the search engine with the result.
There is more than one way to Rome, but not all are good and without threats.
The most commonly used method is to create two separate web sites, as a purely flash-based file and other – in HTML. But I think that this solution is not optimal and it would be rather to use a combiation of flash and html. It is advisable therefore to use an HTML site with embedded in that flash at appropriate places. There is an opinion that it is good to use JavaScript to show a flash-based site for a genuine visitors and a text-based for a search engine. I find this method more than questionable since it so easy to get deleted from the search engine index. Let’s face it, this stuff can be complex. It is often to have a Profesional advise you, we’ve good experiences with this Alberta SEO agency.  They can always be relied on for results.

Link Baiting is a great technique if used the right way,

Website owners should be aware of this progressive technique which is very effective if used skillfully. Link baiting is a method of getting popularity by writing good articles, or to get fans, bloggers, and other online promotional methods to make waves within your industry. Social media promotional methods are similar and can be very effective, (like twitter).
This idea is to give people (fans) a good topic to talk about and  that is interesting or controversial. This is when your fans will spread it and link to displaying the interest or recommending it to others.


Viral content distribution
According to George Lewington, Link baiting can be used for a wide range of fields. The Experience marketers and online entrepreneurs will use this to create the content, forums posts and blog posts that people will want to link their websites or blogs to.
The content should be of a viral nature that people will really want to publish on their sites. You need  to start with something very interesting, also it needs to be well researched or unique.

When your work is ready, then it is time to submit it to sites and places where web surfers can see it and republish or set a link to. You should use Social media channels, this will give you a good possibility that a web suffers  will like it and hopefully use it on their platform. Here are a list of plat forms you can use to get the word out.
a) social bookmarking sites
b) social news sites
c) social event sharing sites
d) photo and video sharing sites and  they are lots of them.
Please if you have a comment or if you can post something that can help with this post please do? I like to keep the post short and to the point.

Basics For Successful Nonprofit Local Search SEO

While most of the information available on the internet would explain the basics of Search Engine Optimization, fact is, these rules apply towards creating a global online presence. For an organization like a nonprofit, it is advisable to first create a strong local presence before trying to compete on the global platform. Making a strong hold in the local area has the added advantage of being able to create a more personal rapport with your audience.

While most of the SEO rules remain the same, however, there are a few basics that cater only to local search SEO scenarios.

  • The first and most obvious technique to ensure SEO for local search is to submit links to local groupings or directories. Just like in the link building process for regular SEO, you would be advised to submit your links to directories, herein focus on submitting links to online directories that offer local listings. These would include directories like Yahoo!,, DMOZ and

Find a company to work with you is in your local area. If you live in Maidenhead or Windsor, find an SEO expert in Maidenhead. It’s best to look at who is ranking number 1 in Google so you know who is the best.

  •  The next would be to study the backlinks of all competitive sites on the first page of Google for the region you are trying to promote yourself in. For e.g., you do volunteer work in California, search Google for “Volunteers California” and notice the top ten sites. Then search for “Site URL” in Google to check for its backlinks. Once you have a list of directories or sites they submit to, make sure you post your links there as well.
  •  Anchor text is another element that plays an important role in creating a hold in the local search arena. Anchor text is basically the clickable links that most of us find in the written text. For e.g., you submit a blog post that talks about the progress you have made in case of raising funds for the cure of cancer, and need more support so that you may achieve your goals, including a clickable phrase like “donations for cancer” would make for anchor text. This would serve the dual purpose of first informing the reader exactly what he is going to click on; second, it would also tell search engines what the page is all about, thereby contributing towards improving the ranking.
  •  Last, though not the least would be to include the name of your nonprofit, physical address, phone numbers, email address and website address on the contact page and atleast one other page on your website, if not all.

Nonprofit Page Optimization for Beginners

Page Optimization lies at the heart of a successful SEO strategy. Your nonprofit’s website needs to have content that is not only reader-friendly, but also search engine-friendly. Since the ranking of your website on a search engine results page directly depends on the keywords and content used, therefore, identifying and incorporating relevant keywords is one of the most vital parts of this strategy.

If you want to ensure that the when someone searches for your keyword they land on your nonprofit website, consider and implement the following:

♣ If you get your content and keywords right, consider half the battle won. Make sure that your content is informative and provides value addition to the reader. This means that keeping the content in the range of 250 to 1000 words is a good idea. While keywords play an extremely important role, avoid overusing them and stuffing your content. A keyword density of 2-3% is considered good and also avoids the risk of making the text sound awkward in an attempt to use all the keywords.
♣ Link building proves to be a very useful exercise in case of SEO and improving your page rank. This could include providing internal links to your own website as well as external links to or from other sites. By replacing “click here” with a keyword that best represents the linked page you will not only be guiding your visitors, but also informing search engines about the destination page. Submitting the link to your website on external directories is a good way to benefit from external links.
♣ Including the most important keyword in the page title of your nonprofit’s website also contributes towards the greater cause of SEO. Creating these titles can be tricky as they need to be compelling yet to the point, for this purpose, hiring the services of a professional may be required.
♣ In case your nonprofit website uses images, which ideally it should, ‘alt’ tags that contain a brief description of the image should be used. This helps search engines correctly index and list the images as they explain what the image is all about.
♣ Meta Title and descriptions are the next elements that can help in optimizing your page. While the Meta titles are visible at the top of the browser window, descriptions are usually hidden. Including keywords in these is important as they quickly inform search engines about the page and thus help in improving your search engine results.

Launching a blog for your non profit?

Before giving tips on how to ensure that your new blog is a success, let’s evaluate the reasons why a nonprofit would want to own a blog. First, it is a great SEO exercise, and that any SEO expert can verify for you. Second, it helps keep your audience updated about the activities carried on by your nonprofit. And third, it is a great way of connecting to your audience. Therefore, keeping all of the above objectives in mind is imperative before you launch your very first blog post.
To create a sound foundation for your blog, you need to evaluate the following:
♣ Do you have a sound blogging platform? You need to keep in mind whether the current blogging platform you use will be able to last in the long term, and whether it has the capacity to upgrade according to the needs of your nonprofit.  We recommend using WordPress.  On a tight budget?  We can hook you up with a free blog and a free nonprofit website
♣ Opening with a single post? Think again. Don’t just stick to the conventional first post, have a grand opening. This simply means, have atleast 5 to 6 posts on hand when you launch so that people have more to read about and are intrigued enough to come back. Also, including an About Us page and Home page will lend more credibility to your blog.
♣ Can people easily subscribe to your blog? The key to the continuous success of your blog is the traffic it gets. To ensure people frequent your blog, include subscription options like RSS feeds, email subscriptions and even social media buttons.
♣ Is your groundwork in place? One of the first things to be done right after the content is up is to create enough opportunity for people to find you. For this purpose you must engage in activities like submitting your link to directories such as Technorati, Blogged, Bloggapedia. Use your contacts, friends on social networking sites, family, etc. to get the word around on your new blog. Use Google +.
♣ Keep it active. Encourage visitors to post comments, the more activity you have on your blog, the more people you will find frequenting your posts. Always ensure putting up relevant information, if the blog does not engage the reader or does not offer any value addition they would have no reason to come back.

Internet Marketing – A definitive Guide

While Internet Marketing is nobodys patented secret, there are some tips and techniques that are very useful. Like the traditional marketing, Internet Marketing is also about the Customer, the market and then planning the strategies. A two-pronged effort, on promoting the site as well as driving traffic to the website is involved in Internet Marketing. Start your marketing with Research and Planning and Analysis.  Before starting with Internet marketing it is necessary that you first carefully look at your products and services and try to find out their USPs. For marketing it is very important that you have a unique selling point, which attracts the customers toward your products.

It can be the low price or the high quality value of your product that makes it stand apart from other competing products.

No matter how big your marketing plan is, if it fails to properly convey to the customer what is in store for him/her, you have failed in your marketing strategy. This can only happen if you are unaware of the market and the requirements of your target audience. Once the traffic starts pouring in, it is now time to analyze and evaluate your web site. This helps in evaluating the customers requirements and finding out whether you have offered him the right solution. It also helps in making your website more users friendly.

Any Internet marketing technique has three basic aims.

1. Drive more traffic to your site.

2. Ensure repeat visits by the customers by offering unique benefits.

3. Converting visitors into customers.

Increasing Web Traffic

Increasing traffic to the site is definitely a science. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the tool that optimizes our keywords. Thus making your site more suitable for being searched and ‘catch the attention’ of search engine algorithms. Properly applied SEO techniques give your site higher search engine ranking which directly results in increased traffic to your site.

Internet marketing focuses on highlighting your products and services. This is done through SEO as well as other means like link exchanges, link building, email campaigns,ezines and newsletters with the intention of catching the eyeballs of the future clients.

Benefits to the customers

Benefits can be offered to the visitor in a number of ways and the most important of all is offering quality content. Make sure that you provide informative content to keep the Customer hooked to your web site. The content can be presented in the form of articles, e-books and the blogs, which provide real and current information. The subjects of the articles and e-books can be related to your web site products. This will serve two purposes, one that the customer will get quality information and the second that you are offering information related to your products, which makes the visitor interested in your products.

Converting Visitors into Customers

After marketing, let us now come to the real thing. It is to convert the visitors into customers. The key here is to offer good products, which are a solution to customers requirement. While offering descriptions of your products also provide testimonials. These testimonials speak better than you do for your products. See more information about Internet Marketing

Why a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites really are gaining popularity. As more people make use of their own mobile phone devices as well as PDAs to view the internet when they cannot  take some time to sit at the table with a PC, mobile websites ensure it is easy to accomplish this. Listed below are 4 reasons why, as a business operator, you should consider creating a mobile internet site.

1. Improvement in mobile traffic

An increasing number of people are utilizing their cellular devices to view the net. The reason why? The net is constantly “on” using a cell phone gadget. In addition, you can gain access to it anywhere and whenever you want. When people use the mobile internet they’re there for a particular reason. They don’t have time to aimlessly search. If your website is optimized for cellular consumers, they may click on you instead of a regular site created for use on a Computer system.

2. Targeted advertising and marketing

Because people access the mobile net for specific reasons, you will often hit your mark in terms of hitting the best marketplace for your own service or product. With the variance in display size, choose an advertising platform that offers several ad styles to support just about all mobile phone devices. Get to the point in adverts, telling the consumer what you would like from them.

3. Added revenue

Even on mobile websites, you are able to create residual income for your enterprise. Furthermore, your ad is the only one that can appear because only one internet page can be shown at a time. It is not like the Computer when you can easily move among web pages whenever that you need.

4. Client satisfaction

Customers will question, since it is really easy to access the internet using their mobile phone, why don’t you employ a site to allow for them? They may utilize your PC optimized website but might find it troublesome to get around. They might think less of you if you do not have a mobile version of the web sites that they adore.

Best internet marketing tips

Using websites to promote products and services can produce a large income. This is where all internet marketers want to be. No matter what you do online you always have to do some type of work but building a list will cut down on a lot of your workload. E-mail marketing is the number one method that is behind the huge success of so many internet marketers. Your goals can be reached from e-mail marketing because of the leverage that it can bring to your selling efforts. The success rate is much higher with e-mail marketing because people that enter their e-mail addresses did so because they believe that you have a solution to their problem and are open to anything you may have to say on the topic. Now lets look at a few techniques for building your list.

A good way to make your opt-in form highly visible is to use a pop-up window. If you want visitors to sign up for your e-mail list as soon as they get to your site, you should use this pop-up option, which is not hard to install. The pop up window can be quite a good way to gather e-mail addresses. Filling out their e-mail address is actually the easiest way to get rid of the form, which makes some people do this.

The other side of this, however, is that many internet users hate popup windows. These people are more likely to click away from a site that has pop ups than to simply close the window and keep reading. This is a technique that works better on some sites than others; you have to use your judgment on this, or perhaps test it and see how it goes. Need a way to earn massive amounts online? Find out how you can too at this Halloween Super Affiliate Review page

Consider publishing your own newsletter. If you want visitors to leave you their e-mail addresses, you should give them an incentive, which means a freebie of some kind. There is no better free product to offer people than a newsletter that is published regularly. Don’t simply copy and paste material from your website into your newsletter; it should have original, quality material in each issue.

Some successful newsletter publishers are able to charge a subscription fee for their newsletter, but you should only do this when it becomes popular, not right away. When people sign up for your newsletter, you should have it in writing that they are also giving you permission to send them other material, such as promotional e-mails. Makeing money online used to be hard, but not any more thanks to this Halloween Super Affiliate site

Another simple tactic is to include a “forward this to your friends” link in your emails. This works particularly well for entertaining, and controversial emails. If your email is seen as authoritative then you can expect to see a jump in subscribers.

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You are, in essence, selling products and services to people who have signed up to receive offers and information just like yours. This is very targeted marketing and will usually result in higher profits than those that can be gained through other types of internet marketing methods. So if big profits are your goal in IM, then the list is the way to get there.


This post may be a little different from the other posts. I don’t want anyone to get too involved in the psychology behind internet marketing, but I want to point out a few things that have given me cause for concern.

One of the most important things for IM marketers to do is to secure their presence on the web. By that I mean they seem to be everywhere you turn on the internet. There are websites, blogs on wordpress, blogger, twitter, hub pages, ezine articles, videos promoting  their products, auto-responders  and every other device available to insure they are “on” the internet. They’re like an old cartoon character about whom it was said,  “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere”. Top internet marketers  are everywhere.

Now what does that mean to a guy or gal just starting out who wants to have a successful internet marketing business. It means that none of the fortunes promised by some of the “Gurus” comes without lots of hard work and a fairly complete understanding of what one must do to be “present” on the web.  There will be lots of promotions directed at newbies telling them there’s a list building strategy they must follow or there’s a training program guaranteed to generate lots of traffic and thus money if followed by them. All this, of course, comes at a price. And the prices can be nuts.  $3995 for one course, for example. ( you can make 6 monthly payments  if you want)  All of this is always covered by a full 100%, 90 days guarantee. Then there are other programs always sponsored by a guru who tells us he or she made “mucho” money,  followed by testimonials from their participants telling us we’re crazy not to buy into the program.

And on top of all this is another guru who sends out his pals programs to you and is getting an affiliate commission to sell it to his subscribers.

So what does all this cold water being splashed on these programs mean. It means that you should be very careful when someone wants to separate you from your hard earned cash. You want to get a business up and running for a reasonable investment; not one that puts you in a bigger hole than when you began. You’re willing to work at it to generate a decent monthly income for the future.

All this translates to a five letter word. TRUST. Who can you trust if everyone is sending you auto emails touting their programs or info products and asking for a couple of thousand dollars.

The answer to that question, dear newbie, means you must be Critical and Cautious. Any program you buy must have value to you and give you the tools you need to be successful. So lets try to work together to find the kinds of programs that have  intrinsic value and deliver that value to you. These are programs that provide real value; not just a bunch of  empty promises of  financial rewards.

I am going to recommend a few courses and programs that I have found to offer a sound value for the dollars spent. Bookmark us and check in again in a few days with TOM’S TIPS .

Google Plus For The Entrepreneur, Biz Owner, And Savvy Marketer

There’s a lot of talk about social media and how to incorporate it into your business marketing plan. Some of this chatter is good advice, but more of it is just someone running off at the mouth.

But, as a business owner, there’s one social strategy that just makes good sense and that’s Google Plus. Before you berate about what a ghost town it is compared to Facebook, hear me out.

Google Plus has a few really cool features that Facebook and Twitter don’t (at least not yet).

In the game of Internet domination, it’s all about engaging the end user. So when Facebook took the lead as number one most visited site in the world, you can bet it got’s Google’s attention.

In other words, using the Internet for social engagement became bigger than “searching” for information.

In the searching game, Google is king. In the social game, Facebook is king. Now Facebook is getting into the “searching game” with its new graph search. And it could take time to train Facebook users to search for local business through Facebook.

After all, Facebook is for being social, not searching, that’s what Google is for isn’t it?

Google’s a little older and more experienced. Google has been playing with a lot of online properties, one of which is Zagat, a review site that resembles Yelp!.

There’s also Google’s pride and joy…YouTube, which is the top video site in the world.

So what I see happening with Google Plus is a combination of many of these other properties into one big social searching media monster! (As if Google could get any bigger).

Google Plus is already much more than “another social site,” or some fad. Here’s few robust reasons why your business needs a Google Plus account sooner rather than later.

Google Local Pages – The old Google Places is being seamlessly integrated into Google Plus to give the user a complete one stop social site. Local business can setup their Google Plus Page much like Facebook has a Facebook page.

Google purchased Zagat in September 2011, and last May they began integrating GooglePlus Local listings and GooglePlace reviews into Zagat. Now integration of GooglePlus Local Pages with GooglePlus Business Pages is in the works.

So it makes sense to get involved now, even though there aren’t as many people on Google Plus as Facebook. The “plus” in Google Plus are the new people you’ll meet that you won’t find hanging out on Facebook.

And speaking of hanging out, GooglePlus has something Facebook and Twitter don’t…Hangout on Air. If Facebook and Skype were married, Hangout On Air would be their offspring.

It’s a dynamic platform that let’s you video chat with up to nine other participants. HOA provides an excellent opportunity to produce live shows that can be recorded directly to YouTube.

You can to demonstrate your products and/or teach existing and potential customers.

What makes it different from just posting a YouTube video is the multiple participant feature. You can invite top experts in your field to discuss important topics who might be located thousands of miles away.

Your demonstration can be live and you can also upload it to YouTube later for further viewing. I see this being a huge hit once it catches on.

Probably the thing that’s the most exciting about GooglePlus is Communities. In Communities, you’ll find it easy to build new connections with people active on GooglePlus.

Here is something else you should know: Google Brand Pages are allowed to create and join Communities! This is in contrast to Facebook Brand Pages which cannot join Facebook Groups.

All in all, I’m betting Google Plus will give Facebook some serious competition. But as a business owner, that’s good news. Why limit yourself to one social network where there are so many choices.

However, given the time and resources it takes to build a successful social media campaign, it might be good to stick with the two that are engaging the most users first. Google Plus is right behind Facebook, even though most people haven’t realized it yet.

I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have the time to create and run another social media campaign.”

Well, not to worry, because I’ve taken care of that for you. Go here for the details.

Helpful Tips For Mobile Marketing Success

It is crucial to take care of your current targeted customer base, and one great way to do that is involving them in a mobile marketing campaign. Email marketing is the traditional method in this field andmobile marketing is along those lines. Continue reading to find out helpful tips for your mobile marketing success.

You have to create a fan base for your product. People are already buying your product, so ask them to sign up for a mobile marketing campaign. The word spreads and you can gain new customers along the way as well. You can do all different kinds of things through mobile marketing to gain attention.

Make sure you publish reviews within your mobile marketing campaign for people to see regarding your products and services. This is essential for your fan base to grow because people see what others think about your products as well.

You can utilize question and session features in order to get more information out there about your products as well. This educates people about your business and products and the word continues to spread.

Make sure you’re catering to your customer’s needs. You should be rewarding your repeat customers, and you have to make sure that they feel appreciated. In your mobile marketing campaign, send out special offers and promotions. Offer discounts and free giveaways. Take care of your customers’ needs and they will return the favor.

Make sure that the content for your mobile marketing campaign is available on all mobile devices. There are different screen sizes and different types of phones. Smartphones make many different things available to someone pursuing mobile marketing, but you want to make sure that your information is accessible to people on all phones.

Creating a mobile application is a great way for people to access your content via an app, which is one of the most popular things in today’s world. This can boost your online presence immensely. This is an app world, and people aren’t just looking for business online, but they are consistently looking to be able to do it on their phones. This also allows you to cater to all phone users in one way, and then cater to smart phone users in this way. In other words, it leaves you not having to sacrifice technology when delivering content.

Make sure you use product comparisons when choosing to utilize product reviews. This makes everything more open and honest, and you can highlight the features about your products that are best. Your customers will appreciate you doing this and they will respond in a positive way for sure.

You are wanting to expand your customer base through mobile marketing, and it is one of the most innovative ways for doing so. There are many different techniques and strategies you can employ to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Remember the tips and advice you’ve read here as you continue on your way to expanding your mobile marketing efforts.

Marketing vs Sales: Two Worlds, One Mission – Funny – Lattice

How to change the Homepage title tag in WordPress


The title tag is one of the most important factors on your page when it comes to ranking for a keyword.  The title tag is what you see in the top of the page tab or window when you open the page in a browser. (Even if it’s cut off by the tab size, when you mouse over you’ll see the entire thing.)
change the title of your home page so that a different title will appear in the tab
It’s also the headline for the page in the Google search results. change the title of your home page in wordpress so that a new title will show in the google results
If the keyword is in the title, and especially if it is at the beginning of the title, that gives a big boost to your page for that keyword.
The title tag, like most meta-tags, is contained in the header of the page.  If you can go into the HTML of the each page, you can insert the title tag with the title you want.  The tag looks like this:
<title>Your Title Goes Here</title>
But what if you work on WordPress, which doesn’t let you edit the header for an individual page?  Are you doomed to the same title for every page on your site? (Bad news in the eyes of Google.)

Fortunately there are a good number of WordPress plugins that will let you give a title tag to each page individually.  One of the best is All in One SEO Pack.

But while this will let you put in the title for each page, when you put your desired title in the home page All in One SEO Pack field… nothing happens.  On your main list of pages and their title, description and keyword tags, it looks like it has changed for the home page, but if you check the browser tab when the page is open, or check what the headline is for the home page in a Google search – it is not the new title you gave it.
So how do you change the title of the home page on a WordPress site?
The answer’s pretty simple, but hard to find.  So we’ll point you in the right direction.  Go to your WordPress dashboard.  Click on Settings on the side menu.
title tag settings on dashboard
You’ll be taken to the “General” settings page.
home page title change in wordpress general settings

This is where the default home page title comes from.  You could change it here, and it would change the home page title.  But this “Site Title” is also often appended to the end of page or post title tags.  It’s good for branding, but what if you want your home page title to be a specific keyword phrase – something beyond just your brand? And you don’t want that long phrase showing up at the end of the title tag of every post?

Continue down that Settings sub-menu to All in One SEO.

all in one seo settings in sub-menu

Scroll down past a few ads until you find:
field to change title wordpress home page

Put in your desired title for the home page.  Scroll down to the bottom and click “Update Options.”
There you go!  Refresh your home page in the browser and check the browser tab.  Is the title you’ve been waiting for there?  You did it!


what is online marketing about?

So what is online marketing about?

It sounds like an obvious question, but really you would be surprised. Online marketing means getting people to see you website, then forcing them to buy! It is not just about have them enter your site and not buy something, they have to take action. They have to buy! It is clear that this industy is not going anywhere anytime soon, so gaining some skills here will make a individual much more employable.

What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization is all about improving your website’s position online.. Depending on who you ask this is done in different ways. This is done by making changing on your website then gaining high quality links. Next question.

How is it relevant in today’s world?

It can literally make or break your business. Think about it, who really uses the phone book or yellow pages these days? People go straight to Google to find thing they are interested in. They go to the search engines when deciding their purchasing decisions. If you were to look at 10 business that have closed down recently in your local area, it would be likely that most, if not all of them had poor web visibility.

This is always true. Think about it. If nobody can find you business, how can they buy from you?

How is it relevant to Spain?

It is relevant to any country which has the internet and businesses, so everywhere on the planet. Spain is slightly behind the rest of Europe in terms online competition. This is actually a good thing which makes it less competitive for any online marketer entering the market.

How is it relevant to entrepreneurs?

The island is very competitive for local business, good advertising is key.

Can it help small business.

What to look for in a SEO company?

There are number of qualities you should look for when hiring a search engine marketing firm. Always ask to see some results first. If they can’t show you visable ranking proof, run!

We recommend this company, an online marketing agency for Tenerife business’s. Run by Maik Ankudinova. They are a young start up based around the Puerto de la Cruz area. They have a range of solutions that will improve your online visibility.

The Canary Islands is definitely one of the most business friendly places in the European Union. There many great tax incentives for companies which operate here. It is a great place to start a business as it is in the ZEC zone, which has very generous tax incentives.

Finding the right online marketing company / agency in the Canary islands.

Look at the Tenerife SEO services. Here are packages of offer for small businesses. Something for everyone. They are one of the leading SEO companies in Tenerife. Most other companies do not know what they are doing when it comes to improving Google rankings.

Local Optimize This is the official site for Tenerife. It has useful information for starting a business. The main site is in Spanish, but there is also a section in English and German.


Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Need To Invest In SEO

There are very many educational books and a lot of online content in the market that can enable a businessperson to ably build a good website. Most however lack the time and inclination to undertake this research in-depth, and prefer to hire an SEO company to do the work. This is a great investment for the business, when you have chosen a good SEO firm well suited to the job. Here are five key reasons that illustrate why this expenditure is worth it.


1.    Market trends – statistics have shown that more than half of consumers today look up online resources when making a purchasing decision. Whether it is where to buy a dress, or finding a gardener for the yard, they want to know who is available, what other people think of him, and how popular search engines rank them. Building rank to the top pages of search engines will provide you the necessary visibility to attract these potential consumers. Lacking a good online presence will however mean losing out on this market, to competitors in the same niche, and possible failure. With over 90% of small start-ups failing in the first year of operation, you need all the help you can get.

2.    Build brand awareness – when people carry out online searches, few will go beyond the first page. They automatically believe that what comes up first is what is most trustworthy. This makes getting to the top page is vital. The entire purpose of SEO work is to get websites to the top page and hopefully, top position. It is a big boost to a business brand when people are inspired to trust what is on offer, and keep coming back to it. Remember that you also have a goal of turning potential consumers not just into paying customers, but repeat paying customers.
3.    Beat out the competition – because SEO is such an important part of business, you can be rest assured that if you are doing it, your competitors are. Successful businesses recognize the need for top ranking and work hard to achieve and maintain their positions. It takes the help of SEO specialists to help new businesses to SEO compete effectively and bypass the completion in ranking. The higher you get, the more aggressive the battle becomes and the more you will need professional help.  This is particularly important when you realize that the SEO landscape continually changes due to new innovations and changes in policy made by search engines. Keeping up with these trends is vital to SEO achievement.

4.    Tap into a new market – most small business owners do not wish to remain at the same level forever. They want to be able to gradually expand their business, add to their client base and even offer more products. A strong online presence helps in making these accomplishments by introducing a new way to connect with an untapped market. Many consumers no longer even visit stores in person. They seek out businesses that will supply them goods and services online, and complete the transaction this way. This can even mean catering to overseas clients without needing to actually set up new offices in their country. Essentially, you can tap into a global market that will help support your efforts to expand your business.

5.    It is the cheapest way to effectively promote your business – the internet offers you direct access to the widest pool of potential customers. Almost all consumers have easy access to it through their home computers, laptops tablet or smartphones. They regularly log on and this means you have a great way to advertise to the largest audience. Other channels like newspaper and television advertising may also reach out to a wide audience, but are often highly expensive. When you consider the level of exposure and cost involved, SEO is the best choice for small businesses.

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